is launching the testnet with a $500k prize fund, reshaping the game mechanics in Web3

  • After registering on a platform, users are granted 2 Common NFT cards (Maincards) to make fantasy predictions on the outcomes of sports events in E-sport, NBA, NHL, MMA, etc. in real-time
  • Accurate votes lead to MainCoins earnings. By the end of the week, the most effective managers get rewarded in crypto
  • Winning streaks allow to merge Maincards to the next level, dramatically increasing gaining coins as well as the chances to win by the end of the week
  • Upgraded cards and cards with win streaks are also traded on Maincard’s marketplace. And much more.



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Maincard is a Web3 game based on sports fantasy management. Play with friends, earn crypto, and get introduced to the world of Web3.