Launches Exclusive Ambassador Program with $200,000 reward pool!

Today we announce our Ambassador Program for anyone and everyone who wants to contribute to the Maincard project! is a platform that, through the mechanics of Play2Earn, aims to create the most interactive experience and turn ordinary viewers into participants in sports events! Through a unique gamified path, we educate players the world of Сryptocurrencies, NFT and Blockchain!

Depending on the obligations and powers assumed ambassador, we will reward you! We allocate

the equivalent of $200,000 for the Ambassador Program!

What are the benefits of the Maincard Ambassador Program?

• Rewards are up to you — the higher the quality of your work — the higher the rewards will be appreciated!

• Communication options — communicate with people in the chat, as well as with

like-minded people, acquiring useful contacts that

come in handy in the near future!

• Recognition and influence — become the most active participant. Get

fame and recognition in our community.

• Team up with like-minded people and promote the project together as a team.

• Get direct access to the latest updates and news.

• And, of course, additional bonuses for the most active


What do you need to become an ambassador?

First of all, you must be burning with the idea of our crypto community!

As well as possessing qualities such as:

- You have knowledge of the crypto industry;

- You are an active member of the community and highly motivated;

- You have experience as an ambassador or have a strong desire to become an ambassador;

- You have experience creating original content.

What are our ambassadors’ tasks?

As an ambassador, you will promote Maincard on your social media channels. You’ll also play a key role in building a local community that speaks a specific language.

- Create content

You’ll need to create a variety of content about the project creating articles, translating official materials, recording YouTube videos, and more. Everything is limited only by your imagination!

- Develop brand awareness

Raise awareness of the project through articles, posts, webinars and other social events.

- Actively participate in project events

Promote contests and AMA sessions with Maincard through your social media channels.

- Contribute to the community

Connect with new members, tell them about the project, answer their questions, offer advice and become a mentor.

How to become an Ambassador?

• Join a Discord server and get verified on it.

• Like, retweet and Tag 3 friends in the comments below the post —

• Be subscribed to Medium, Twitter and Telegram of

• Introduce yourself on our discord in the #introduce channel

• Start work and publish your works in the #community-contributions channel

Every 7–14 days we publish the results, your work is marked and evaluated. First, you get the role of an Assistant(Activist), continue do your work well, you will get the role of an Ambassador!

Promote Web3 technologies in the P2E realm! Create content, participate in contests and get rewards, because an ambassador is a person who, through his own efforts, even if small, helps to promote the project!

We will have a regular recruitment of new ambassadors, so create quality work, you have a chance!

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-- is a Web3 game based on sports fantasy management. Play with friends, earn crypto, and get introduced to the world of Web3.

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Maincard is a Web3 game based on sports fantasy management. Play with friends, earn crypto, and get introduced to the world of Web3.