On November 19th, only six months since the idea of the Web3 mass adoption through gaming crossed our minds, we are launching the very first version of

Huge Kudos to our community and every players who’ve been helping us throughout the testnets. Over 14000 users, you are awesome! And it’s time for the payback.

Right after launch our early adopters will see Maincard NFTs in their wallets. Depending on your contribution to the project you will get accordingly:

  • 2 Common Maincards (equals to 20 MATIC)

What can you do with them?

a) You can sell them on our Marketplace and let other players become reach and famous

b) You can start in a safe mode by playing in “Battle” section. We will be constantly adding new sports to the platform. Just pick any event and place your NFT in favor of one of the teams.

How to choose the sport: just click on any of sports types on the left bar

How to place your Maincard on an event: click on any event, drag and drop your NFT in one of the spots accordingly, and press Vote button

Every time your fantasy bet is correct, you will be gaining MainCoins. Right now this is just an in-game currency, BUT REMEMBER — we are listing MainCoin on several exchanges in Q1 2023, and whichever amount of MainCoins you will earn during these months of playing, will become a liquid Token!

And this is not all. Every week the top-3 players with the most MainCoins earned during the week will be getting cash rewards. For November the prize fund is:

1 place — 3000 MATIC

2 place — 2000 MATIC

3 place — 1000 MATIC

Now let’s see how many MainCoins (MCN) you get for correct game. Common Maincard with full lives gives you 5 MCN, Rare — 30; Epic — 150, Legendary — 500, Mythic — 1000

Every time your prediction is incorrect, you lose 1 life, which decreases the number of MCN you get for correct vote. AND your card becomes inactive for a while. Below is the table with MCN rewards depending on the number of lives Maincard has.

But no worries, you can just repair or sell your Maincard at any given time, so you should be OK.

c) We have to mention the CALLS section. This is the most dangerous part of the game, where you face other players. You place your Maincard against others and might either win a Maincard of your opponent, or lose yours. Risk/Reward so they say.


It’s “easy” — just take two legendary Maincards with 25 correct votes in a row, and merge them. Easy isn’t it? Only the greatest players will reach the top of the game and open the World of great rewards and respect. What are you waiting for?

So, to get the Maincard of the next level you should

a) Reach the necessary winning streak with 2 Maincards of the previous level

b) Merge these Maincards

Of course, you might be smarter and just purchase Maincards with the right winning streak from other players during an Auction, but it is up to you which strategy to choose.

  • quickly reaching 3 wins in a row and selling Maincard for, let’s say, 40 MATIC, and then purchasing the new ones from the Marketplace

When purchasing new Maincards you will have a chance to get a Maincard of a higher level if choosing to buy a “Mystery Box”. It is 2% more expensive but has a 2% chance of getting a next level NFT.

Soon we will launch the 3-pack boxes with discounts so stay tuned!

We don’t want to overwhelm you with tons of information so the last thing we’ll let you know is that every time you get to the next level of rarity, you will be getting new features. In Q1 2023 every player with an Epic Maincard and higher will be able to launch his own Clan inside the game and add up to 40 players to his clan. On a monthly basis we will be hosting team tournaments with huge awards, so don’t miss your chance to become the great leader and lead your team to the top.

With that being said, we wish you a great success in the game. But which is more important — just have fun! And please send us every bug you find to our Discord channel or to

Don’t forget to sign to our Telegram and Twitter



-- is a Web3 game based on sports fantasy management. Play with friends, earn crypto, and get introduced to the world of Web3.

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Maincard is a Web3 game based on sports fantasy management. Play with friends, earn crypto, and get introduced to the world of Web3.