Maincard’s final testnet is live! is a Web3 game designed to introduce the Blockchain world to billions of sports fans in the most fun and engaging way. On October 24th we are launching the final and ask you to help us build the product. Below you will find the instructions.

Please note that the test network may have a long response time. The Maincard team makes every effort to ensure that your transactions are processed as quickly as possible. In case you don’t see the result of the transaction, please refresh the page.

To work with the Maincard application, it is recommended to use browsers: Chrome, Brave or Edge.


  1. Go to
  2. Now, let’s connect your Metamask to Maincard!

The wallet connection button is located in the upper right corner

3. Connect your account and add Maincard Testnet network by ANKR. As soon as you click the Connect Wallet button, the desired network will be created by itself and Metamask will automatically switch you to it. In case this does not happen, you can add the network manually:

Name of the network: Mumbai testnet by ANKR Protocol

Network URL:

Chain ID: 80001

Currency symbol: MATIC.

3 . Next, click “Connect” again and sign the request through Metamask.

Great, our Metamask is connected to the test environment.

In order to use Maincard NFT, you’ll need some test MATIC for transaction commits.

You can get them through a faucet:

4. Refresh your browser page, and when the transaction goes through, you will see the balance update in the upper right hand corner.

5. Reconnect the metamask after you’ve received the tokens.

6. Go to the Marketplace tab and create an NFT to further vote on sports events (refresh the page after each transaction to make sure you see updates).

In order to buy your NFT Maincard, click on Buy Now.

At the moment, only Common and Rare NFTs are available for you to mint.

You will use MATIC for the transaction and our token, the FreeToken, for which the further purchase of NFTs is made.

NFTs are displayed on the right. You should see a picture like this. The transaction might take some time

7. Go to Battle tab. It looks like this:

8. Open one of the sports events by clicking the sport line.

9. In order to vote for an event, you should move the NFT to the appropriate field (drag it without letting go or click on it and then on the desired spot).

10.Next, you should click the Vote button:

a message about a successful transaction is optional. To check that the votewas placed, look in the “My Battles” tab

11. A list of your past and active Battles can be found here:

The highlighted team is the one you bet on.

12.After the event is over, you can pick your Maincard up through the Take Card button.

Also, you can switch to other sports and try your hand at them!

You have at your disposal: soccer, basketball and League Of Legends!

13.Also, an auction is available for you in this testnet. You can auction your NFTs in the marketplace tab and buy them from other users in real time!

14.All auction offers are available below.

Of course, you can auction any of your NFTs that you have in your collection. To do this, you need to drag your NFT to an empty space. Your NFT data will also be automatically entered there so that you can evaluate the NFT immediately

After you have done all the steps, you can stay on the platform and play your cards further. Every successful vote will be giving you points (MainCoins, our token, that would be introduced a bit later), which will help you take the first place within the current week and get up to $3000.

Next, go to and fill out the feedback form. You will get Common, Rare, or Epic NFT depending on your feedback.

Good luck everyone!


-- is a Web3 game based on sports fantasy management. Play with friends, earn crypto, and get introduced to the world of Web3.

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Maincard is a Web3 game based on sports fantasy management. Play with friends, earn crypto, and get introduced to the world of Web3.